TedEd club is ready to invite new passionate students in again as the new school year begins


The TedEd club, founded by students meets on Tuesday, September 14th.

Steven Tardif

Student activities such as clubs and sports start to pick up as the 2021-2022 school year progresses. One club in particular that has started meeting in person again is the TedEd club which is a student-founded group meant to spark conversations and invoke passion in students. The sponsor of the TedEd club is English teacher Sean McNicholas. 

“Benefits of this club is to make friends, honestly to get to know other teachers and students, but also another chance for you to kind of explore something that you might be interested in,” McNicholas said.

Joining the TedEd club does not mean joining the club because you like it. You are in the club to make new friends and learn about how other kids like to share their ideas by speaking out in front of people. You also learn about what students want to talk about in front of people and how they want to express themselves and this is how they speak up and find out that some kids have the same interests as you.

“Well I cannot take full credit for this club, it was a student,” McNicholas said. “I had him as a junior Kishor, he was the mastermind behind all this to make this club at Metea. Now that he graduated last year he left this club with me and a couple of great leaders that run the TedEd club.”

Kishor, who graduated in 2021, wanted to make this a club for students to express themselves and talk about the things they find interesting. This is a whole different way of getting to know someone and what they find interesting. This club can take many students far in life. By putting this down in your resume it can open doors for you “TedEd the company can invite you out to New York and have you perform live in front of a crowd to express yourself.” 

“Ted the company I guess you could call them that they do a really great job giving us materials for new lessons so like throughout the semester the leaders kind of are the teachers of the club and they facilitate the club and do lessons and do important things to talk about,” McNicholas said.

This is a great club to join if you want to talk about the thing you like. This club is also to help you with your speaking skills and to express how you feel about certain things. This is a great group to join if you like to talk and speak up and want to talk about what you like. Also, just to meet new students and find out what they love to talk about.