Students are back to building relationships with teachers after over a year online


Autumn Zayas

Mrs. Honeysett strives to reconnect with the students in her classes. Students are finding difficultly transitioning into past classroom norms.

Steven Tardif, Headlines Reporter

The closing of schools and move to online learning within the last year due to the COVID-19 crisis has led to changes with how teachers interact with their students. Students could not build relationships with their teachers due to the lack of face to face contact. Because of online school, cameras were off and not many were connecting with teachers. 

For some students, they rely on their teacher for not only academic help but also emotional and social help.

“Personally in terms of connecting with teachers I believe it is important to create strong and meaningful connections with teachers,” junior Jamie Nosek said. “I also believe in honesty and trust because if I need help with something I am able to go up to my teachers without being scared.” 

The bond and trust between students and teachers is something that has been lacking with the year of distance learning. The trust and bond between teachers and students has not been able to form over a computer screen. Unlike past years where students and teachers could have face to face contact with each other 

“I think connecting with students is one of the most important things for a teacher to do. I have found that connecting with my students allows them to build trust in our relationship,” algebra teacher Kimbelry Weiersheuser said. “Once trust is established, students feel more comfortable to ask questions in class. I have found that my students feel comfortable asking questions and coming to me if they are having problems.¨ 

The whole idea of coming back into school in-person is to better connect with your teachers.  Students now have the opportunity to go up to their teachers and talk to them about anything related to school or life. Unlike last year when students did not have the chance to be face to face with their teachers. Now that students are back in class, those healthy relationships can be formed between students and teachers.