Mustang Hour makes good first impression

Mustang Hour makes good first impression


After the new Mustang Hour’s first successful pilot day, students and staff await the announcement of the tentative second pilot day on April 22. Though students have little news of what is to come from Mustang Hour, many have optimism about the future of the program.

“Mustang Hour could potentially give a huge extra chance to those with no extra time,” junior Saketh Vasamsetti said.

The idea itself originated in other schools, and the Metea staff saw a great opportunity in having an hour specifically for catching up. Because Metea is full of top-notch students, it seemed only fair to the staff that students should have an alternative option besides giving up time before school, after school, or during lunch.

“We are always trying to find ways to help kids, and we wanted to find a good way that we could more efficiently help kids one-on-one. As an English teacher, it’s especially hard to teach writing to thirty-three different people at the same time,” English teacher Jessica Thomas. “That’s just not unique to English, people develop at all different rates in math and all other subjects.”

After several months this year of planning and lots of anticipation, Metea finally gave it a try. Many students were on their best behavior in hopes that Mustang Hour would continue on.

“Some people will not take advantage of Mustang Hour, or they’ll mess around or whatever, but most people will take the advantage because they see the huge opportunity,” sophomore Grant Wilson said.

The announcement of whether or not Metea will continue is set to come sometime after spring break, so for now the Mustangs can only cross their fingers as they wait.

“We already have high standards for our students,” Thomas continued, “so this is just going to make it a little easier to meet those standards.”


By Stephanie Sorich