Speech Team positions are filled, and students are ready to start the new season

Brennan Lockwood, Spotlight Reporter

Students practice their speeches during club meetings. (Ayaana Pradhan)

The Speech Team has arrived for another school year and student-led rehearsals have already begun. It is a team that offers competitive events divided into many different categories such as Informative Speaking, Original Comedy, and Radio Speaking. Returning to school after the pandemic, competitors came back to a changed experience with new regulations but still picked up right where they left off.

“After the pandemic, not much has changed, but I think we have learned to be more adaptable,” senior Skylar McClure said. “There are a lot of things that are going to have to be re-learned, though, because standing in front of an audience is a lot different than standing in front of a screen.”

In speech, for those who chose not to do a solo category, there is an opportunity to do duet events. With duet interpretation, two competitors team up to deliver a performance of a published play or story. Using on-stage focus duet acting conveys emotion and an environment through many performance techniques without costumes or props.

“I am in the category called Humorous Duet Acting, and my partner and I have to act out an eight minute script using only a table and two chairs,” senior Saish Pothina said.

Interested in performing poetry? Or dramatic acting? Even though the Speech Team has already been established for the 2021-22 school year, do not hesitate to audition next year for any category of your choice. McClure, who manages the Poetry section of the Speech Team said, joining a club like Speech Team is a way to build new connections with people of all backgrounds, and it creates opportunities for students to develop as individuals.

“All we [the Speech Team] want is to grow and enhance together as a unit, and this is the first place in school that has allowed that,” McClure said.