Humans Of Metea: Zainab Shaikh


Christina Guckel

Zainab Shaikh is involved in Theatre and recently performed in the play CLUE.

Brennan Lockwood

Zainab Shaikh is a junior at Metea Valley. She has been involved in Speech competitions, fall plays, Drama Club, and Comedy in the past three years. Shaikh has decided to take the time to reflect on her high school experience and how she got involved in different activities.

What clubs and activities do you participate in?

I am very much oriented in public address or public speaking. I do Speech, Theater, and am a part of Principal Advisory. It is a lot of just talking to other people about important topics or acting.

What or who persuaded you to join Theater and Speech?

It was actually Mr. Wolski who persuaded me to audition for the fall play. When I did not make it my freshman year, he forced me into auditioning for the Speech team, and I have been doing it ever since.

What is an event that you are excited for this year?

I was very excited for the fall play. That was a whole blast. And then this year, I guess I am really excited for the state series of Speech. I do not know. I think I have a really good chance with it.

Do you have any advice for underclassmen wanting to join Theater? 

Just try and audition for any type of theater, but especially Metea Theater. We have so many opportunities, whether it is if you do not make the fall play, there are Winter Scenes and then there is the spring musical. If you do not make it your first year, then there are three more years after that. I did not make anything my first year, and then I came back and I have been participating a bunch. So definitely just keep trying to put yourself out there. Get your name out there and just be positive about all the criticism you get because that can only make you better. 

What is your favorite memory here at Metea?

I have so many; I think, recently, it is probably “Clue,” closing night. One of my casts lined up, and we were finishing bows. We all just looked at each other and soaked in what was just going on, and all the seniors who were leaving, it was just a great time. It was good to see all of our hard work was appreciated by people that we love and trust, so it was really nice.

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