Winter Scenes arrives back in person with three different performances


Autumn Zayas

Junior Alyse Haddad and freshman Sarah Madden are acting in their dramatic play ‘Lockdown’.

Ollie Shuminas, Spotlight Reporter

Winter Scenes is a place for students to direct, act, and do behind-the-scenes work. With both comedy and drama, these shows will be in the black box theater at Metea Valley from Jan. 27-29 at 7 p.m. While working in small groups to create short plays, many members of Winter Scenes form new friendships and memories during their high school years. The point of Winter Schappening Winter Scenes was held just like most activities over zoom. According to students who were involved in both the experience has not changed only the location. 

“It is kind of like a second family. My directors Megan and Brennan are really talented, as are my other co-stars, and seeing them all put their heart into the show along with me just leaves me breathless,” junior Alyse Haddad said.

Winter Scenes is different from any other activity at Metea. These unique plays give the opportunity to students who are interested in acting but may not have the chase to experience it elsewhere. Directors take their own time to either write their own script or cut others’ scripts into a short fifteen-minute play. Rehearsals can be a huge time commitment for members of Winter Scenes. They practice almost every day after school for around three or more hours. 

“I chose to direct a scene because I thought it would better me as an actor, and help me learn new leadership skills,” junior Drew Chandler said.

Creating positive experiences is one way to find different things you love. The chemistry that the actors and directors gain by spending many hours together over months of work can help with their shows. Teamwork and leadership in the Winter Scenes community are special to many of those who are involved. Winter Scenes are also a way to explore acting and find out if you enjoy it or not.

“Come see Winter Scenes on Jan. 27, 28, and 29!” Haddad said.