Varsity cheer team captain Paige Foxhall motivates her team for sectionals


Photo courtesy via Jake Streder

Paige Foxhall and the varsity team recieve the first place award in conference.

Christina Guckel, Spotlight Editor

Last week, the varsity cheer team placed first in conference. With teamwork and dedication, the team also hopes to win sectionals. Varsity cheer captain Paige Foxhall describes the team’s daily practices as they prepare for their next competition.

“We are practicing really hard every day, increasing the amount of conditioning we have to do, so a lot more running and working out,” Foxhall said. “And just being more vigorous in practice,in terms of messing around.”

Foxhall’s position as a captain on the varsity team allows her to keep everyone in order during their difficult practices and competitions. By keeping everyone on task, it allows the team to be focused on the competition and improving their stunts and tumbling.

“[I try to keep] myself and everyone in line as much as possible, holding ourselves accountable for the things that we do well, that we do wrong, and just really working towards our biggest goal,” Foxhall said.

The biggest struggle for the whole team is confidence, Foxhall addressed. This is because of the high expectations set to win each competition.

“Sometimes it gets difficult when we are really nervous and when we know there are going to be a lot of people out there watching us that are relying on us to do well, but we want to impress so definitely the confidence cards,” Foxhall said.

As the team advances from conference to sectionals, the crowds will be bigger, and confidence will be key to advancing.

“Come to sectionals in Peoria!” Foxhall said.