Upcoming spirit week themes


Jane Shiff

The upcoming themes for spirit week.

Allison Davids, Headlines reporter

Spirit week is back again but with new themes like Country vs Country Club, and Groutfit! The student government and emcees are who come up with the theme ideas for each day during their meetings. Spirit week is a school-wide event with a week full of outfit ideas to wear as a way to encourage school spirit. Following the week, there will be a pep assembly on Friday.

“We thought we needed something to bring us all back together after the winter break,” senior emcee Shreya Balaji said. 

Pep assemblies celebrate music groups, athletics, and clubs for their accomplishments. For this upcoming pep assembly, the audience will be celebrating winter sports. Orchesis, cheer and dance team, will be performing at the assembly as well as members of the speech team.

“We brainstorm a bunch of ideas, and then we vote on them in our meetings and see which ones are the best,” Balaji said.

The upcoming spirit week themes start off today with pajama day. 

Following that, an underclassman versus upperclassmen theme is on Tuesday. The theme is a play on words: country vs country club. Underclassmen will wear country-inspired outfits. While upperclassmen will wear country-club inspired outfits. 

“One of the teachers came up with the idea,” Balaji said.

Wednesday will be groutfit day which means wearing a gray outfit. This theme idea has been a new trend this year seen in the fashion realm. 

Thursday’s theme is jersey day while Friday is Mustang Friday, so wear Metea themed spirit wear or black and gold.

“Participate and have fun!” Balaji said.