The reality of what happens on Valentine’s Day

Allison Davids

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Kaila Babyar

Valentine’s Day is a holiday made for celebrating love with a significant other despite all the single people out in the world.

Once January ends, dread starts to fill the air. This dread is due to the approach of Valentine’s Day. The holiday has a great message of love, but the holiday is also a reminder that people are still single out there. The feeling of loneliness is not the best feeling especially when the whole world markets the holiday with chocolate and roses.

The history of this beloved holiday comes from Christian and ancient Roman descent. Yet the history of how this holiday started from St. Valentine is unclear. One of the legends said that St. Valentine was a priest during the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II thought that single men would make better soldiers than husbands. This caused him to outlaw marriage for young men. This injustice provoked St. Valentine, so he performed marriages with young couples in secret. This did not last long because St. Valentine got caught by the emperor. This story ended here because the emperor beheaded St. Valentine.

Many other theories of this holiday exist, but the holiday spreads a message of celebrating love.

Although, Valentine’s Day has created an unfair standard that men have to buy gifts to show their love. The marketing industry pries on these men and advertises chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Not all women want these gifts, though, and would much rather spend the day with their significant other than receiving gifts.

Even children are a target market for this holiday. The marketing industry has marketed Valentine’s Day cards that are made in packs for students to give to their classmates to celebrate the holiday. Elementary schools around the world have the children hand out Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. This tradition was cute but children were unhappy with the fact that candy was not given. As a kid, some parents will show their appreciation through gifts as well. As children grow older, the gift giving ends for this holiday. 

In recent years this holiday is becoming more single inclusive. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s day, celebrate Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is the opposite of Valentine’s Day. People can celebrate the holiday with friends rather than a non-existent significant other. 

This holiday has never been one I look forward to but has always been a good experience for me. Gift giving is something that I enjoy as well as receiving either from my family, or friends. This holiday was fun when I was younger, passing out cards to my classmates. Now that I am older I hope someday I will get to experience the holiday with a significant other. I am grateful though that I have my family and friends who love me.

Valentine’s Day is a fun day full of spreading love. Despite the dark back story and the marketing industry prying on the men, the idea of celebrating love is important. Without love in the world, it would be a very unhappy place to live in. Spending the holiday with someone you care about sounds like a much better alternative than eating chocolate on the couch alone.