Editorial: Silence your voice to help others be heard

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Katrina Viloria

We value and stand with those who support LGBTQ+ day of silence.

Our eyes open to the sunlight. We rise out of our beds. Silence. 

Today is the LGBTQ+ day of silence. Across the country, people will be silent for the duration of their day representing the silencing of LGBTQ+ students. LGBTQ+ are not students physically silenced but metaphorically just like in the “don’t say ‘gay’ bill” in Florida. For example, students who identify as transgender and are interested in playing sports do not always have the accessibility to do so due to the laws that have been passed in individual states banning transgender students from participating in the same gendered sport that they identify with. 

Laws against LGBTQ+ students’ rights are nothing new. There are gender reassignment surgeries, conversion therapies, restroom rights, the “don’t say ‘gay’ bill,” and more. These laws can make it very hard for students to feel comfortable, come to school and learn, come out to others, and, speak up about their rights. 

While members of the government are passing laws discriminating against LGBTQ+ students, those same students are silently suffering. Students not having the ease to do these things may affect their mental health leading them to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. 

In a 2019 school climate survey, 86% of LGBTQ+ youth reported being harassed or assaulted at school, which can significantly impact their mental health. High school students who identify as LGBTQ+ are more than four times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to their heterosexual peers. The rights of LGBTQ+ students are being silenced and so is their mental health. 

We, the Stampede Editorial Board, believe that everyone needs to help end the silencing of LGBTQ+ students. Everyone can do their part not just today but every day. You need to respect people’s identities through their names, pronouns, sexualities, and more. Be supportive by helping someone when they ask because that means that they trust you and value you. Create a safe place. Make a place where people feel comfortable sharing their feelings and if they are, not comfortable sharing these feelings with you feel free to give them some available resources

Every student deserves a safer, inclusive, and kind community is what we are striving for and it is up to all of us to make that difference by happening us support LGBTQ+ day of silence.