Girls’ softball falls to Neuqua for the third time


Aidan Renteria

Metea Valley’s softball team plays vigorously against Neuqua in a hard fought game.

Grace Cronin, Sports Reporter

The Mustangs went against the Neuqua Wildcats on Thursday. This game marked the third time the Mustangs have competed with Neuqua this season with the past two games both ending in Metea’s defeat. The Mustangs came into this game following three consecutive games this week. The team was able to win their three prior games in the week, however, fell to Neuqua 8-4. 

“We had some great moments,” head coach Michaela Schlattman said. “There were other moments that we could have improved in, but I think we have been coming out this season just ready to fight.”

This game was a tough one for the Mustangs as Neuqua came into it being ranked ninth overall in the state. In the first inning, Neuqua was able to put two points on the scoreboard putting them 2-0. In the third inning, Neuqua scored again with the Mustangs now trailing 6-0. In the third inning, the Mustangs were able to get a girl on the bases, however, they were not able to score any points. By the end of the fifth inning, Neuqua was winning 8-0.

Although the Mustangs had a rocky start, the sixth inning saw the girls’ fight back. Following the fifth, where the girls were able to get two teammates out on the bases, the Mustangs had a tremendous run in the sixth. The team was able to pick each other up and improve their offensive skills. Sophomore Reese Valha hit two home runs in this inning, giving the Mustangs four more points and ending the sixth inning 8-4.

“Our offense at the start was a little rocky at first,” junior Macey Martin said. “But I think we got it back together in the sixth inning and fought back with that four-run inning.”

The Mustangs and Wildcats following the sixth inning were not able to gain any more points, finishing the game with Neuqua taking the win 8-4.

“There is always stuff we can work on,” Schlattman said. “[We are] just working on keeping our defense clean, backing up our pitcher and we always talk about having all the aspects of the game, pitching, defense, and offense, and if we all have three we will dominate every game.”