The Mane awards $500 to The Black Aces for winning the lip sync battle


Allison Davids

The crowd goes to the stage and cheer for the winners of the lip sync battle, The Black Aces.

Allison Davids, Headlines reporter

Metea’s media and production class, the Mane, hosted their first lip sync battle last night. With $500 on the line, 10 acts went against each other. Each act was required to lip sync, dance, and dress the part. The audience was engaged with each performance. Some acts had students lining up by the stage and cheering for their favorite acts. Overall, the battle was fun to watch with the dancing, lip syncing, and variety of songs played. After 10 acts and two rounds, the grand prize winner was The Black Aces.

The performances by all acts showed that it took time and dedication to learn their song and choreography. With each act performing one after the other the show was smooth with easy transitions to each performance. Each student performing put themselves on the line and performed well despite not having much experience. 

Each act was judged by a panel of teacher and student judges. 

Before the battle started, a lot of students showed up late and were buying their tickets at the door. This caused the show to start half an hour later than expected. However, the Mane had music playing while a video introduced the acts behind the scenes. The extra footage was able to keep the audience engaged thankfully.

After all 10 acts performed, the mane showed off another video production of teacher music videos. The 10 minute video showed teachers like Joshua Robinson syncing to songs as if they were in a music video. While they showed the video, the scores were tallied and the top five acts that went to round two were Double Sensation, the Dingleberries, the Black Aces, the Dooks, and Espresso.

The audience had mixed feelings about the top five as the crowds shouted “Alvin” who was a solo act that performed Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” since his other group members dropped out. 

Once the acts left the stage, the top five performed for the last time. Each act had the crowd on their feet with new outfits and choreography. At the end of the night, the top five acts entered the stage together to await the winner. The runner up this year for the lip sync battle was Double Sensation while The Black Aces won the five hundred dollar grand prize. 

The Black Aces had outstanding choreography as they lip synced to classic Beyonce songs. Other members of the audience were hoping for the Dooks to win. With the variety of music, and dancing involved, the lip sync battle was a success.


Editor’s Note: This article was edited from its original version to correct incorrect information about planned guest judge Ava Morse, who was initially mentioned as a judge.  The staff of The Mane decided to use guest student judges instead.  The Stampede regrets this error.