District 204 Covid Cases are on the Rise


District 204 reported a sharp rise in positive COVID-19 cases throughout the week of 8/30-9/6. In the week alone, 285 cases were confirmed across all district schools, bringing the total to 449 positive cases since Aug. 18. Metea accounted for 28 positive cases, 19 of which occurred within the week of 8/20-9/6. 

According to the CDC, Dupage County is currently categorized as a medium transmission area, which is based on a three-tier (low, medium, and high) scale. While under this classification, the CDC recommends wearing a functioning mask if at risk of contracting COVID-19, as well as testing before coming into contact with a high-risk individual.

Masks are recommended but not mandatory in District 204 schools or transportation, a change that was made last spring. Social distancing will also not be enforced throughout the school year, although teachers may be able to work with individual students based on specific needs. 

Safety measures that are in place by the district include a five-day quarantine period after testing positive for COVID-19, allowing students and staff to return to school on day six. There are no options to “room and zoom” for absent students, however, students have access to work posted on google classroom or can email their teachers. Physical distancing, hand washing, self-certification, disinfecting, and ventilation are all additional district protocols in place.

While COVID-19 cases have spiked up recently, cold, allergies, and flu illnesses have as well. As shown by Mayo Clinic, the three illnesses share certain symptoms, such as runny noses and coughing, though each has individual traits as well. For example, a loss of taste is more common to COVID-19 than the flu or seasonal allergies.

For more information on the district’s response to COVID-19, visit the IPSD School District Website. Weekly data updates every Monday at 5 p.m. The number of confirmed cases listed may vary since staff can be employed in more than one location.