Transfer Students have had positive experiences at Metea


Justin Thompson

Gaby, a transfer student from France, walks the art hallway with international flags swaying above her.

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Editor

Learning about the experience of transfer students at Metea Valley is crucial for understanding how welcoming and functional the school is overall. A transfer student is someone who unenrolls from one school to continue classes in another, usually across country or even continental boundaries. From the vast differences in culture to the new clubs, teachers, and students, there are many new things transfer students have to learn about before they can integrate into the school environment. Junior Sathya Mitiran transferred from the United Arab Emirates. 

“The schooling system in my last school was completely different from what it is like over here,” Mitiran said.“In Dubai, teachers came to our classrooms to teach. Here, we go to them. Simple things like that were [weird] to get used to.”

Leaving a familiar environment and going somewhere with new people, languages, and cultures can be very overwhelming for some people. Luckily for junior Gabby Beaurain, the Metea community has been very welcoming of her. Beaurain transferred to Metea from France.

“When I arrived [to] Metea, I [did not speak] good English, though it is slightly better now,” Beaurain said. “Even though my culture differed from yours, people were still very accepting of me. It was nice.”

This sentiment is also shared by Mitiran. He feels as though everyone has treated him with respect and dignity since he arrived here.

“Everyone is kind, honestly,” Mitiran said. “[This] has made it much easier to get used to the school.”

Despite all of the positive people and things Beaurain has found throughout Metea, she says something, in particular, could be improved in comparison to her previous school.

“As a French person, I have to wonder why the cafeteria food is so [different],” Beaurain said. “I am used to more diverse food being served in school, so that has to be one of my small complaints with Metea Valley.”

While Mitiran did not have any immediate criticisms of Metea, he did wish to mention some people who made him feel especially welcome here.

“My honors precalculus teacher, Ms. Susan [makes] me feel welcome here,” Mitiran said. “The Math Team and my friends in there also make me feel included.”

Beaurain also has people she would like to thank and shout out from her time at Metea so far.

“I love the theater club,” Beaurain said. “I am in the play Jack and the Magic Bean, and the people are amazing. I am very happy to be here.”