Student advocacy prioritized during an equity lunch-and-learn


Lindsey Hall

The Student Voice Committee encourages representation of all school activities through display cases around Metea.

Lindsey Hall

The Student Voice Committee hosted a lunch-and-learn centered around student belonging, which invited students to discuss multiple Metea-related issues. The discussion was part of a wider initiative to encourage equity and change within the school.

Topics of the Wed. Oct. 19 conversation varied from student empowerment to the 10-minute freeze period. Regardless of the subject matter, the student facilitators prompted those involved to create practical solutions. These ideas are then compiled and sent to administrators.

“I think any activity that encourages and supports student voices is incredibly valuable,” Student Voice Committee member Hannah Widd said.

The lunch and learn conversations became a staple of the student voice committee. Their goal of fostering open dialogue has resulted in the creation of sign-up sheets for decorating the display cases. This ensures that all aspects of Metea’s life are represented throughout the school halls. The specific matters discussed change throughout the year and depend on student input and the relevance of issues. However, the goal of the student voice committee does not change.

Widd noticed that the 10-minute freeze period, in place since the beginning of the school year, was a common frustration among students. Social and emotional health as well as improvements to the school were also discussed at a length during the sixth-period meeting.

The Lunch and Learn discussions are open to all students interested. Students in certain classes can even earn civic engagement for attending. Widd is hopeful that everyone will keep these discussions on their radar.

“We have lunch and learn about four times a year, sometimes more,” Widd said.  Next discussion, we will definitely be doing more advertisement.”