This Weeks Metea Minute

Kayla Clark and PJ Bender

Hello, Mustangs! I’m PJ Bender 

I’m Kayla Clark and here is your Metea Minute for the week of Monday, November 14, 2022

Mental Health Matters Club will host our first Wellness Wednesday of the year on November 16 in the LMC’s Collaboration Center, during all lunch periods. Must sign up ahead of time to attend, so ask an MHM member, Mrs. Wange, or Mrs. Bane for details. 

 The senior class is competing against theatre in the final round of our Crushing Hunger competition! Who do you want to win? Please donate on Push Coin to the Senior class or Theatre by Friday the 18 and help them be named the winner of this year’s competition. All donations go to Northern Illinois Food Bank.

That’s all for this week’s Metea Minute.

 In case you missed it, check out our story onRadium Girls’ is an excellent example of what a high school production can accomplish

Stay safe out there, and as always…

 Go-Go Mustangs.