Humans of Metea: Vivek Panse


Tanay Pant

Junior Vivek Panse enjoys taekwondo, music, and trivia competitions.

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Editor

Junior Vivek Panse is a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo, captain of Metea’s Scholastic Bowl team, and a violinist for chamber strings. Keep reading to learn more about his experiences here at Metea.


What is Scholastic Bowl all about?

The scholastic bowl is a quiz and trivia-oriented competition where we take turns answering various questions about topics ranging from science to pop culture. We often go against each other during training sessions at school, but we also do inter-school competitions as well.


Who would you recommend to join the Scholastic Bowl?

Anybody that is fascinated by trivia or competition. Even though we do have fun, we are a fairly competitive team, and if you are drawn to that type of thing you would enjoy Scholastic Bowl. I would recommend that anyone with an open mind give it a try.


How has practicing taekwondo changed your life?

I am a third-degree black belt in taekwondo, which is a difficult feat to achieve. I would say that my favorite part of it has to be how it helps me to hone my body and spirit in a holistic fulfilling way. It has given me many different avenues for me to work on and improve myself.


What is your favorite thing about Metea?

I like that there are a ton of different options for clubs and classes.


Is there anyone that you want to shout out in any of your clubs?

I would like to shout out my reliable companions on Scholastic Bowl, Samarth Mohan and Aarna Raghavapudi.