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Cheer team has high hopes for state

Alanna Bucher
The cheer team huddles excitedly to discuss what looks to be a promising season.

Mrs. Brahney, the coach of the Metea Valley co-ed cheerleading team has led her teams to state for 10 years. The team provides hard work and dedication throughout the season.

To get to the cheerleading state you have to be in the top 25. There are 5 sectional competitions and to move on to state you have to get to the top 5. 

“State is a different world, the crowd, the light, the adrenaline, it feels like you’re in the Olympics,” senior Jailen Shegog said. It’s an amazing experience compared to the normal competitions in school gyms.”

Coach Braheny has been the Metea cheer coach for 13 years, the Metea cheer team has been to state 10 times. She has been in the cheer world herself since she was 13 years old. She is very experienced and qualified for her job. 

“One thing about cheerleading is that it takes a very athletic ability,” Metea cheer coach Lisa Braheny said. 

Being surrounded by cheerleading for more than half of her life she knows the method to success. Her athletes say they are honored to be coached by an amazing coach, who has been so successful throughout the year. 

“The stakes are higher this year as Metea Cheer wants to prove that not only are we a state qualifying team, but hopefully a top 10 team this season,” junior Kendra Victor said. 

Metea cheerleading has been to state more than any other team at Metea. The cheerleading teams have been very successful and this year they are aiming for another top 10.

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About the Contributor
Alanna Bucher
This is Alanna’s first year on staff and her first year writing. She is 15 and a sophomore. She has been on the Metea Valley Varsity Coed Cheerleading team for two years. In her free time, she likes to read, hang out with friends, and spend time with family. She also loves to travel and see new things.

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