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OLAS opens its doors to Latin American students at Metea

Jordan Jones
OLAS offers Hispanic students and non-Hispanic students alike an opportunity to understand their heritage and culture more.

OLAS is the organization of the Latin American Students. Its mission is to unite Latino students and anyone willing to learn more about their culture. OLAS is a student-run club that provides an opportunity for students’ voices to be heard and considered on what will best show off Latino culture. 

OLAS hosted its first meeting on Sept. 19. The meeting included a musical chair get-to-know-you activity and a water balloon fight that had everyone teaming up and getting involved.

“It was really a new experience for me but I was able to feel open and socialize more with others around me that have similar cultural backgrounds as me and I got to meet new people,” junior Ana Romero said. “I encourage people to join OLAS if they want to have a fun time and just chill and meet other people you wouldn’t normally talk to around school.” 

However, a lot of work was done behind the scenes in order to host a successful meeting. Leaders of the club had been meeting before school in order to plan out a meeting that everyone could enjoy. Sophomore OLAS leader Jeremy Solano enjoys his work in the club.

“Planning meetings with the OLAS leadership team has been fun, listening to everyone’s ideas and collaborating to achieve a common goal of bringing people together is very interesting” 

In past years, OLAS has held different events such as cooking different Latino recipes, volunteer work, Christmas events, and games that involve different information about the Latino community. While each event hosted has included some aspect of the Latino culture, it is presented in an engaging way to make it memorable. Their most memorable event is the dance they host each other playing all kinds of music, colorful decorations, and a variety of foods. 

One goal that the club leaders stated they will be working towards is giving Latinos in our community a base to share their stories of their successes and how they have navigated their way through hardships. 

“I’m trying to accomplish the union of Latin American students through the school to make them feel welcomed,” Solano said. I hope that these stories will inspire students within Metea that anything is possible as long as you accept your identity.¨

“People should join OLAS to have fun, and meet more people like them. Since this school is formed by a big Latino community, is has been to enforce cultures and give everyone a taste and knowledge of others,” Solano said.

OLAS meets every other Tuesday at 2:30, with their next meeting being Sept. 26 for chalk the walk.

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Jordan Jones is a junior at Metea Valley and is equally as importantly one of the six astonishing MCs this school year. Jordan is heavily influenced by the art of music, with it being his main source of inspiration for many writing pieces. Jordan loves smiling and laughing with the people in his community!

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