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MV Athletics: A sports app for all of Metea athletics

The MV Athletics app logo features the iconic Metea Mustang on a vibrant black and gold backdrop.
Jake Sonetz
The MV Athletics app logo features the iconic Metea Mustang on a vibrant black and gold backdrop.

Metea Valley finally released an app that provides students and fans with information on their favorite school sports. It is called MV Athletics and has many different links that make sporting events much easier to find. 

The home page utilizes four main sections which include a fan guide, tickets, news, and a map. The “teams” section displays all of Metea’s sports and shows the roster, schedule, tickets, and more. The schedule section has the calendar schedule of the sports you wish to view. It shows previous and upcoming games with scores, opposing schools, date, tickets, and additional information. The last section simply displays your app settings, the teams you wish to view, gameday ticket offers, and feedback for the app. 

The MV Athletic App offers multiple streamlined ways to engage with athletics at Metea Valley.

The home page shows the next upcoming event from the sport(s) that you favor. The fan guide displays anything from highlights to summer camps so you can get unlimited access to Metea’s athletic department. Tickets provide fans with home and away tickets for every event available. It even has a booster membership and seasonal/all year athletic passes. News shows all of the Twitter handles for all of Metea athletics. It also has livestreams for certain events. 

Teams show literally every sport team within Metea. When you click on the team of choice it displays news, schedule, and ticket information. You can also click on the drop-down menu (after you click on the specific sport) in order to change the grade level anywhere from freshman to varsity. This section also has the team’s roster with the players’ year, height, weight, and number. Lastly, this section shows the staff and or coaches with their specific title for that team. 

The last section is called “more” and has many different tabs that will make your experience on this app effortless. Pick the teams you want to fill your home page when choosing the “my teams” tab. Affiliations display how you are connected to Metea athletics. Are you a current student? A fan? Alumni? Student athlete? Whatever the case may be you can pick your affiliation so the app provides you with information matching your connection to Metea athletics. Gameday offers will only be available when there are certain deals on tickets for a sporting event. If nothing shows up on this tab then there are no current deals available, and you must go to the tickets tab to purchase a ticket to the event. The next two tabs are feedback for the app and frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can give constructive feedback to the creators of the app and the FAQ tab will help you answer common questions asked by many users of the app. Settings is a simple tab that only shows notifications, location, and audio text if you need to hear the text on your screen. 

There are many different reasons why you would have this app. You could be a current student, a parent, a fan, an alumni, a student athlete, etc. Whatever your affiliation is with Metea Valley this app makes a big difference when it comes to accessibility. It gives you an outlet for tickets and game day deals, a calendar schedule so you won’t miss an event, unlimited information including rosters of player and coaches, and most importantly a way to support Metea athletics. 

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Jake Sonetz is returning for his second year in journalism and is a senior. He spends his time hanging out with family, watching football, playing cards, and working out. Jake is also graduating early this year to pursue his career in the trades. 

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