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Multi-sport athletes transition to winter season

Kayla Clark
Athletes have little to no break when transitioning from one sport to another.

As fall season sports have come to an end many winter season sports start up. Metea Valley Athletes have options to participate in at least 3 sports a school year. Many are involved in more than 1 sport a year.

As years go on more and more multi-sport athletes join Metea Athletic. The class of 2025 had 16 athletes participate in three sports, and 80 athletes in two sports. The class of 2026 had 15 student athletes in tree sports and 75 athletes in two sports.

With academics and athletics it can be a struggle to prioritize both. With homework every night and practice or games it can definitely become a struggle to get everything done. Junior Kelly Clish in both basketball and lacrosse give her ways of how she manages both academics and sports with her busy schedule.

“I try to get most of my work done during class, but if I am not able to get it done I take the time during my lunch period to complete my work. It helps me so when I’m tired after my sport I don’t have to worry about having a lot of work after.”

With girls basketball tryout this week and boys next week, the winter season has arrived fast. Fall season athletes that are also a part of the winter season have little to no break. Senior three sport athlete, Kyle Bucher, has just got out of his golf season and is now transitioning into basketball. Kyle answers how he transitions from one sport to another.

“Just takes time, but the more involved you are in practice the easier the transition gets.”

Being a multi sport athlete can be very time consuming, especially from going straight into another sport. Many players have to train for another sport while in a different sport season. It can be difficult because different sports train different muscles and skills. Also some athletes have a club sport which can overlap high school athletics.

As difficult as this may seem, athletes love and have passion for the sports they play. With the winter season sports getting ready, multi-sport athletes are getting ready for another great season.

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About the Contributors
Alanna Bucher
This is Alanna’s first year on staff and her first year writing. She is 15 and a sophomore. She has been on the Metea Valley Varsity Coed Cheerleading team for two years. In her free time, she likes to read, hang out with friends, and spend time with family. She also loves to travel and see new things.
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark is a Senior and the editor for the photography team for the stampede. Outside of school they love being outside with nature, hanging out with friends and family and consistently listening to music.

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