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Medical Field Career Panel brings attention to important work in the community

Sam Patil
Career panels offers all students the ability to expand their view on future career opportunities.

The Metea Valley Mustang Career Partnership Program is ecstatic to host their latest event, the Medical Field Career Panel. The program provides these different job opportunities to give the students a deeper understanding of many different careers. Partnering with professionals helps grow the community and allows the students to get professional questions answered, with understanding something they may or may not have been considering as a career. While these panels are hosted at Metea Valley, it takes a community to bring it to life.

“Partnering with people from the outside community,” college and career counselor Thomas Daugherty said. “In the future, this may grow to more deferred events or connections or things like that, but we thought that it’s just our career piece. of some of the programming that we do.”

Thomas and others, hope to have at least 4 panels a year to give students a chance to participate; they will be available during all lunch periods and open to everyone whether or not they are interested. Doing something that brings great interest is important and trying to find the understanding of what careers/skills you do and do not enjoy.

“We feel that the panels are helpful because they give students a broader perspective of different careers,” Daugherty said. “So some of the students in the classes may be interested in the medical field some may be interested in something different. But we feel that seeing students or seeing community members who are actually in careers in the health care industry may open some students’ eyes to some options they already thought of or maybe some options they hadn’t thought of.”

After experiencing all of these events, Daugherty feels very optimistic about the future of career panels at Metea.

“This was a good start of our year of panels, we are ecstatic to see what is next to come to help grow our academic career success for the students of Metea,” Daugherty said. “I just hope that they can give a positive plug for our programming to careers and encourage students to come and check it out.”

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Bella Sieben
Bella Sieben is a junior and this is her first year writing for The Stampede as a headlines reporter. She is in both varsity track and field and on the cross-country team at Metea Valley. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering at church. She is also actively involved in Captain's Council, Life Leaders, Filling Hearts With Hope, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Unicef, and Peer Partners. 
Dhiya Ashlyn D.S.
Dhiya is a sophomore and a reporter for The Stampede. She enjoys creative writing, music, art, and spending time with friends. She is also a classical dancer and spends an unnecessary amount of time daydreaming about and watching Tamil cinema.
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Lily Senese is a junior and this is her first year on staff. She is on the Metea Valley varsity soccer team. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and family. She also enjoys playing soccer and bonding with her teammates. Lily was in awesome clubs such as Captain's Counsel and Best Buddies. Lastly, Lily loves her dog Duke, and taking him on walks.
Sam Patil
Sam is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff as Perspectives Editor. She likes to listen to true crime podcasts, cook, violently organize, then reorganize. Some more practical hobbies include web design, graphic design, photography, and writing.  You can find her in the library or any large body of water housing ducks.

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