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A new book-related podcast creates more literary opportunities for students

Lindsey Hall
Freshman Emma Nicholls connects with Book Club to offer collaboration oppurtunities for her podcast, ‘Only Books in the Building.’

When freshman Emma Nicholls began her first year at Metea, she observed a need for book-related extracurriculars for students to participate in. In collaboration with the library staff, Nicholls is working to expand opportunities for readers, through a book-related podcast called ‘Only Books in the Building.’

 “If I’m hoping to accomplish anything, it would be to give book lovers something to be excited about,” Nicholls said. “I know people who would have been happy to join a book club or a podcast, but just don’t have the time. So, my goal would be to give them something that they can be a part of without having to make major time commitments, or any at all.” 

Only Books in the Building is a student-run project, with positions in recording, editing, advertisementing, and writing. The podcast also offers guest star segments and features from Book Club.

“As of right now, we have roughly 20 people who are interested in being involved, and are always happy to accept more involvement,” Nicholls said. “We are slowly starting to work on making a Google Classroom and Instagram, plus an email ([email protected]), so if you are interested I would suggest reaching out soon so you don’t miss anything important.”

The idea originated from Nicholl’s aunt, who runs a book club and podcast at a Rockford school library. 

“[My aunt] has always been my role model, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. First I brought up my idea with her and she helped me make a game plan to reach out to our librarian,” Nicholls said. “Once I did everything just kind of fell into place, and now, we are just waiting to get more people involved.”

The title of the podcast, “Only Books in the Building,” is a play on the Hulu comedy series “Only Murders in the Building.” The show follows three residents of the Arconia building, who begin a true crime podcast to investigate murders occurring in their home.

“I have never made a podcast before, so this is a first for me,” Nicholls said. “But I have listened to many true crime podcasts that always got my mind thinking. I want this podcast to have a similar effect.”

Only Books in the Building is a safe place for readers to connect and interact with their peers. Nicholls hopes that both listeners and collaborators can find enjoyment in the series.

“I have always been a very emotional person whether I like it or not, [but] books and music have been two of the things that I felt could understand me,” Nicholls said. “Reading has always been a major influence on my life and helped me through many things.”

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About the Contributor
Lindsey Hall
Lindsey is the Spotlight Editor of the Stampede, and this is her second year on Staff. She is involved in Best Buddies, Book Club, and the National English Honors Society here at Metea. When Lindsey is not writing, she can be found trying to predict the next Taylor Swift re-recording, reading, or re-watching Gilmore Girls.

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  • A

    Amber NichollsNov 24, 2023 at 10:45 am

    What a wonderful idea! I hope it really takes off and you all will benefit fom it!

  • E

    Emma NichollsNov 17, 2023 at 9:34 am

    Lindsey I love this article! You highlighted perfectly what I am striving to do with this podcast.