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Best Buddies hosts their fourth annual talent show

Best Buddies is hosting their talent show in the auditorium and will have flowers for sale. Graphic courtesy of Abby Ruppe.

Best Buddies is hosting their annual talent show Friday, March 14. This event will be performed by both the members of the club and special education students. The show will take place at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.  

Best Buddies International is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to volunteering to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities get new opportunities, build relationships, and be involved in their community. Best Buddies has held this talent show for four years, starting in 2020, and is planning on keeping this tradition going. 

This event has been a highlight of their school year and put a smile on everyone’s faces. It is a good way to get the community together and come out and support the special education department. All the students have been working hard to put on an amazing show.

Senior and secretary of Best Buddies Keira Nelson sees the effects of the event on the students. “Honestly, just watching all of the special needs peers get up there and just sort of do their thing and do what they love to do.”

During the event, students will display their talents and have fun through a variety of different acts. Students will perform with their first and second buddies. Each student met up with their buddies in the past weeks to rehearse their performance, leading up to the big day. 

Co-sponsor of Best Buddies, Andrea Lawler sees the impact and excitement that is made on everyone. 

“The kids are so engaging and they are having so much fun,” Lawler said. “Everybody is involved, buddies are up on the stage, peers are up on the stage. It’s a really good time to talk about it. It’s awesome.”

Nelson hopes that the talent show gives student participants an opportunity to express themselves. 

“Honestly, I really just want this to be a space for the members just sort of have a time to showcase anything they want to showcase,” Nelson said. “I want them to gain confidence. I want them to feel loved and supported by the school”

Best Buddies not only hosts the talent show, but they also host a Spring Fling. During this event, they get to invite the other high schools and make it similar to a field day. It is filled with many different activities and games and is another event that brings people together. 

To get more information about Best Buddies, upcoming events with the club, and even joining in the following year: contact Andrea Lawler or Amanda Pyzik.

A previous version of this article incorrectly spelled the name of Amanda Pyzik. The Stampede regrets these errors.

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