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The senior road trip gives seniors one last memory

Ell Macias
For seniors, the yearly roadtrip is one of the most exciting events to wrap up the year with, espcially with friends.

The senior road trip for the class of 2024 will be taking place on May. 11. Metea’s PTSA sponsored the annual trip which will be filled with fun activities such as going to Six Flags, student lounge, all-you-can-eat-dinner, and more. This road trip is one of the few senior celebrations to end the senior year off with fun and appreciation for all their hard work over 4 years.

The event will start with students meeting at Metea and then leaving at approximately 8:15 pm to head to Six Flags where they will have unlimited access to the roller coasters and the student lounge. After a fun night, they will return to Metea at 4 am.

“We almost doubled the student attendance for Six Flags in comparison to the previous historical numbers for the lock-in,” said Krista Leofanti, president of the PTSA.

Metea’s PTSA used to host senior lock-ins, however, after considering students’ opinions they’ve decided to go to Six Flags. Along with the 410 Metea students attending, there will be other schools there. With a new trip environment, many seniors are excited to attend such as Sydney Ellison.

“I’m super excited to go but I won’t say I like roller coasters but I’m gonna try new roller coasters,” said Ellison.

Seniors will be able to explore Six Flags with an unlimited pass on roller coasters which has made the chaperone process easier for Metra’s PTSA.

“We too have a shortage of PTSA members and volunteers the last few years which had a significant impact on the planning and execution of SRT. We only needed 15 volunteers for Six Flags instead of the 120+ that was needed to put on the SRT lock-in,” said Leofanti.

The Metea’s PTSA has been working hard to achieve a successful senior road trip to send seniors off with an exciting end to their high school career.

“This is to celebrate our graduating seniors with a fun and memorable night,” said Leofanti

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Emily Peña
Emily Pena is a junior and this is her first year writing for The Stampede as a headlines reporter. She loves to paint, draw, and watch true crime documentaries. When in the comfort of her own home, she likes connecting her music to her speaker and playing it at an unreasonably loud volume, talking to friends and family, or napping.
Bella Sieben
Bella Sieben is a junior and this is her first year writing for The Stampede as a headlines reporter. She is in both varsity track and field and on the cross-country team at Metea Valley. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering at church. She is also actively involved in Captain's Council, Life Leaders, Filling Hearts With Hope, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Unicef, and Peer Partners. 
Ell Macias
This is Ell’s first year of being a part of the Visuals team on the Newspaper staff. They have a passion for capturing candid moments in photography, which is what motivated them to work in their section. Typically, they are painting, sketching, or working on dioramas during their downtime and will never beat the artist stereotype of carrying a sketchbook everywhere they go. Furthermore, they will never turn down the opportunity to talk about goth bands.

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