Editorial: New technology policy continues tradition of cooperation

Editorial: New technology policy continues tradition of cooperation

In recent years, students have been increasingly distracted by their phones in class, and the staff and administrators took notice and made a change for the better.

This year, the administration decided that, instead of trying to police the hallways looking for phones, they would allow students to use their phones in non-educational areas, providing students with easier access to online resources and little reason to be on their phone during class.

The new technology policy shows the willingness of our administration to adapt and change to students’ needs and the needs of the future. The Stampede Editorial Board feels that this adaptability and collaboration between administration and students is one of Metea’s best qualities and hopes that the administration will continue to be this responsive to the changing educational environment.

Metea students and administration have a history of working well together, from changing the color of the graduation robes to changing the medal of honor winners into homecoming court. Metea is still fairly new, and a lot of these changes have occurred because the Metea tradition has not been solidified yet; however, these changes cannot end once our school identity is established. In order for our school to flourish in the long-term, we must make this cooperation a tradition in itself.

The Stampede Editorial Board wants to recognize the effectiveness of the new technology policy thus far and encourage the administration to keep being flexible and listening to the voice of the student body. While phone use in school may seem like it would be distracting, the policy actually does the opposite. Students can check their phones during passing periods, allowing them to better focus during class. Instead of being detrimental to the learning environment, the policy gives Metea a more casual, less prison-like environment, because students have more freedom during their non-educational time.

For more information on the schools’ new technology policy, click here!

By the Stampede Editorial Board