Mustang of the week: Aaron Houston

Mustang of the week: Aaron Houston


[quote]By Drew Danko
Online Editor
Photos courtesy of Aaron Houston[/quote]

How did you get involved with Hip Hop Movement?

I was originally one of the first students to get the club started with Mr. Williams around my sophomore year. It just caught my interest because my love for music is very real and being able to tie it into school activities seemed pretty cool.

What is Hip Hop Movement?

The club is all about incorporating music into these five SEL life skills and helping us become aware of the talented, bright people we can become. The five skills are social awareness, self-awareness, relationship skills, self management, and responsible decision making. To me, it’s really like a development group with the culture of hip-hop tied into it.

What do you like about rapping?

My favorite thing about rapping is you will never get bored or run out of interest with the art, if you really have love for it. I never say I’m a “rapper” I always say I’m an artist or song writer, because I haven’t reached my full potential yet. I know for sure there are many more things I can do in the music field than just rap.

How has rapping impacted your life?

Hip hop and rapping has impacted my life majorly it actually helped me realize my true love. I loved sports so much growing up: I played almost every sport. In eighth grade I tore my ACL, and after I never really picked back up with sports after the physical therapy, I just started taking music more seriously. I’ve always had music in me, I wrote my first rap in third grade. Music is the second most important thing to me after my family, that’s how much it means to me.

What do you like rapping about?

I enjoy rapping about anything. I create songs off of the emotion I have at that time or anything that’s going on in my life or around me.