Mustang of the week: Matthew Moy

Mustang of the week: Matthew Moy


[quote]By Drew Danko
Online Editor
Photos courtesy of Matthew Moy[/quote]

How long have you been playing chess?

I have been playing since I was nine off and on, but I have been playing seriously since I started playing on the team as a sophomore.

What have you enjoyed about being on the chess team? 

I have enjoyed all the players, I really like all of the people. I also obviously like to play chess itself. I like the coach, Mr. Womack, he’s pretty relaxed about it.

Why do you like playing chess?

It’s cool to out think your opponent and use strategies to beat your opponent. Being successful with that makes me happy.

How do you practice for chess tournaments?

I study openings. I usually study the Caro Kann and the Nimzo Indian.

How do you feel about your team’s 23rd place finish at state?

I thought it was good with the guys we had, we lost some seniors last year. I thought what we did, getting 23rd out of 140 teams, was pretty good.

What has chess done for you as a person and how has it helped you?

It gives me creativity and helps me think through things in life. It helps me think through things and decide on the best options for things.