Farewell Friday: Danny Fox, University of Iowa

Farewell Friday: Danny Fox, University of Iowa


[quote]By Drew Danko
Online Editor
Photo by Drew Danko[/quote]

Why did you decide to go to Iowa?

It’s an academically solid school, and it was important to me to be decently close to home. I wanted to go to a school that’s been big in sports and Iowa has been highly ranked the last few years in a lot of their sports.

What are you planning to study at Iowa?

I’m going to be studying marketing at the Tippie School of Business. I want to do marketing because I think advertising is an important aspect of a business that could help me be creative.

Are you planning to get involved with anything at Iowa?

I want to look into joining a business fraternity and intramural sports. They’re both good ways to meet new people and make new friends.

What are you looking forward to experiencing at Iowa?

I’m looking forward to tailgating and being a part of the passionate fan base they have and the alumni in Iowa City.

What are you going to miss about Metea?

I’m going to miss the face-to-face communication you get with teachers and their willingness to help you.