Mustang of the Week: Ryan Adams

Mustang of the Week: Ryan Adams


[quote]By Drew Danko
Online Editor[/quote]

What groups are you involved with throughout the music department?

During the fall and winter I was in the Madrigal singers, which is a Renaissance group. All throughout the year I am in the male acapella group, Apollo. All throughout the year I am in Chamber singers, which is the top choir at Metea. I have always loved singing, it’s a great way to express myself.

How does it feel being a senior in a music department that won a Grammy?

It made everything we did all four years worthwhile. All the hard work has been put towards a good cause. It feels good accomplish something we’ve been trying for for the last three or four years. We’re the last school in District 204 to win a Grammy, this puts us in second or third place for having the best music in the country. It’s my last year so it’s a nice sending away to know that my four years here spent in music were going towards something amazing.

What’s your favorite memory of doing music at Metea?

This past year’s Collage concert. Collage is a big concert where every music group is showcased, it’s four concerts over two nights. In the backstage area we all just hang out and have fun. Knowing it was my last one spending it with my good friends, the people I care about, was nice. The whole environment of the concert is amazing.

What is one thing you gained from being a part of the music department?

It gave me a sense of leadership throughout all four years. Senior year, in Chamber everybody is sort of a leader in their own way, since there’s so few of us we have to rely on ourselves, but we also have to rely on each other. In Apollo and Madrigals, I’ve been a leader all year and they have shown me I need to step up and get people going and involved in everything we’re trying to do.

Are you planning to continue music in the future?

I am going to be in choir, and I am going to ISU, so I’ll continue it there. They do not have a male acapella group, so I might start one.