Farewell Friday: Esteban Castillo, Miami University

Farewell Friday: Esteban Castillo, Miami University


[quote]By Ashley Walker
Social Media Editor
Graphic by Qiyuan Zhou[/quote]

Why did you decide to attend Miami University?

I knew from the first breathtaking steps on campus that Miami was the perfect college town. I instantly fell in love with the campus and the sense of community among the students. That, along with the immense amount of educational opportunities offered at Miami for my major, really sold me on the school.

What are you looking forward to about college?

I am looking forward to a change in scenery. This will be the first time that I will be living on my own and the responsibility to take care of myself totally relies on me. I am looking forward to utilizing the independence skills that I have developed throughout my high school career and put them towards my career.

What do you plan on studying?

My planned Major is a Biology Major with a pre-med co-major.

What activities do you plan on getting involved in at Miami?

During my time at Miami, I plan to get involved in at least a couple student organizations. For my academics I will probably join a pre-med club or something along with my major along with an internship at a nearby hospital. Second would probably be club soccer which is offered at Miami. Lastly, I plan to rush to be a part of Greek Life.

What are you going to miss most about Metea?

The thing that I’ll miss most about Metea will be the soccer program. Every year I got to looked forward to playing on the team with all my friends. You don’t honestly realize how much you are going to miss it until it’s gone. I had a great 4 years here at Metea and it’ll be something that I always remember.