Mustang of the Week: JoshTMagic (Joshua Talbot-Bowe)

Mustang of the Week: JoshTMagic (Joshua Talbot-Bowe)


[quote]By Drew Danko
Online Editor
Photo by Brittany Coates[/quote]

When did you start doing magic?

I started doing magic four or five years ago, I’ve always liked it. I’ve liked being able to do things most can’t. I always thought it was really cool and I liked to practice.

What does doing magic mean to you?

For me, it’s bringing joy to people in their everyday life. It’s about entertaining people and letting them enjoy themselves. I love seeing people smiling.

How have you gotten to the level of magic you’re at right now?

I read a lot and I hang out with a lot of magicians. I also create my own magic.

Why did you decide to start posting your tricks on social media? Instagram: Joshtmagician

I started posting [magic tricks] on Instagram because I thought it was a cool way to show people what I did that couldn’t see me in person. I have people watching from Europe and China. I like to show people around the world what I can do.

What was your favorite trick you’ve ever performed?

Probably when I make a signed card from a spectator suddenly appear in my mouth.

What do you say to people who doubt your magic?

It’s not necessarily that they doubt my magic, they doubt that people can do anything with their life other than like, get good grades. I always say whatever your dream is know that there is nothing that will stop you as long as you try hard enough. I know it sounds cliche, but I’m not letting anything else stop me.