Class of 2016 bonds at Senior Road Trip

Class of 2016 bonds at Senior Road Trip


By Zainie Qureshi
Opinions Writer
Photo by Drew Danko

The Senior Road Trip took off this past Saturday, students got a taste of places all over the country from Miami to Yellowstone Park. The Class of 2016 raced their way to the commons to come face to face with the senior event, which is kept a secret for four years until seniors have their chance to attend.

The school is completely unidentifiable from the inside. The parents put in a lot of hard work and effort in not only the physical appearance and decorations, but also in being extremely diligent in also upholding the secret from the rest of the student body. “The parents put it all together and do a fantastic job of putting it on,” senior Ryan Goluch said.

Seeing as the parents who organized the event are the parents who watched their children progress through high school, they were very excited to show the kids a fun night in their last few days before graduation. “Senior Road Trip has been a Metea tradition. It is a celebration of finishing high school. The idea is to bring the kids into a place that they have been coming to everyday and for one night it is completely transformed,” parent volunteer Anne Ruden said.

Each year the parents try hard to create a different experience to make the night different for all seniors. “Although the road trip happens every year, the people putting on are different each year. Things are added or changed to create a unique experience. It’s a secret because it’s like a gift to the senior class, a night full of surprises,” Ruden said.

They spend a lot of time decorating it to make it seem like you’re out on a road trip traveling to different states, and completely transform the school. “It was so much fun! Everyone always says how you don’t recognize the building, but I didn’t really realize that until I walked into the building. It was truly amazing,” senior Sarah Roque said.

The main events were held in the two gyms and spilled into the commons and health hallways, with everyone ultimately ending up in the auditorium for a surprise closing event. The night was filled with lots of food, games, and activities waiting for them there.  

The seniors had nothing but good things to say when asked about their night. “Everyone was so into enjoying themselves, it was impossible to have a bad time,” senior Colin Connelly said.

This applies to not only the people who were originally excited to go, but also to those who were also a little apprehensive. Due to a lot of secrecy regarding the event, there were quite a bit of people who questioned whether or not their night was going to be worthwhile, but even so, they ended up having a great time. “It exceeded my expectations, because I didn’t want to go at first, but my friend forced me to and I definitely don’t regret staying. “ senior David Hickey said.