Jake Bugg's new album Shangri La released


At the age of 19, Jake Bugg has had his debut album at number one on the UK chart, successfully finished his first North American tour, and headlined the iTunes festival in England.

The Nottingham, England native finished his second studio album, Shangri La, after months of recording with producer Rick Rubin who helped to produce five of Johnny Cash’s albums. The singer, inspired by Cash as well as Neil Young and Bob Dylan, has a unique voice that matches his edgy and honest lyrics about life growing up surrounded by drugs and violence while living in a council housing estate. The album features songs like “Slumville Sunrise”, “Messed Up Kids”, and “Kingpin” describe Bugg’s feelings toward the way he grew up and the negative influences he encountered while living in Nottingham. These songs stand beside quite different melancholy love songs like “Me and You”, “All Your Reasons”, and “Kitchen Table.”

Most songs differ both lyrically and instrumentally on Shangri La, with more mature lyrics and less of an acoustic, folk-like sound that fans heard on his first album. Jake remains true to some elements in his previous self-titled album, but heavier guitar and drums play up his 60’s bad boy sound. Many lyrics still remain simplistic and catchy, but also take on new themes focusing on his new lifestyle on tour and traveling the world. His single “What Doesn’t Kill You” has more of an Arctic Monkeys or The Black Keys feel to it with a similar electric sound.

By Alexis McDaniel