Farewell Friday: Angela Gao, Boston College

Farewell Friday: Angela Gao, Boston College


[quote]By Drew Danko
Online Editor
Graphic by Drew Danko[/quote]

Why did you decide to go to Boston College?

I’ve always wanted to go to school in Boston or New York, and Boston is a really good school for academics. They have a really good hockey team and there’s a lot of fun things to do there. I want to visit Boston and hang out in the city a lot. I want to go to sporting events too.

What are you most excited for about going to Boston College?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people because not a lot of people from Metea are going there. It’s going to be really different and a lot of people I’ve never met before.

What are you planning on studying?

Right now, I’m going in for applied mathematics, but I’m thinking about transferring into the business school. I really like math and applied math is less pure math and more of the application of it to other things, like statistics. It’s kind of more dealing with people and math, which is something I like.

What are you planning on getting involved with at Boston College?

I am looking at their dance team right now, but I’m not completely sure if I’m doing it yet. It’s something I’ve always done and I really like it. It’s a really great way to meet new people, I’ve met a lot of new friends I hang out with through orchesis in high school.

What will you miss about Metea?

I’m going to miss the people. I really like the teachers and students here, we’re all like one big family, especially at the end of the year.