Pokémon X and Y lives up to its legacy


Pokemon X and YNew generations connect with the old in a nostalgic, yet, brand-new game in the new Pokémon X and Y video games released on Oct. 12 worldwide for the 3D DS. With the release of Pokémon X and Y came seventy brand new Pokémon to expense your new journey with in the Kalos region, the new region for Pokémon X and Y. The new region of Kalos is based off France in terms of geography and with the 3D DS graphic capability, the game’s surrounding almost comes out of the screen and gives the adventure a sense of realism.

With 70 new Pokémon, the goal “gotta catch ‘em all” is a bit easier than previous games since this is the lowest amount of new Pokémon introduced. However, the 3D graphics and new features make these Pokémon feel real and very unique. Although Pokémon X and Y don’t have as many new Pokémon, along with Nintendo, are planning to create new Pokémon which players will be able to download and obtain via internet when the new Pokémon are released.

X and Y made touches by adding in some of the older generation Pokémon, including having the ability to choose a second starter of the originals; Bubalsaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. With the old Pokémon involved, the biggest and newest feature in Pokémon X and Y are megaevolutions. Megaevolutions, not only are what the main story revolves around, but give the older generation a touch of the new generation. Most Pokémon only have no evolution, one or two evolutions, however, megaevolutions give Pokémon another evolution while holding a megastone. There are only certain megastones for certain Pokémon, meaning, not all Pokémon can megaevolve. The extra evolution is temporary, unlike normal evolution, and the Pokémon return back after battle. With these new temporary evolutions, the Pokémon not only have a new look as if they evolved but may gain or lose a type and stat boosts. This was the biggest change to the Pokémon series and the most controversial.

Other new features that were introduced to Pokémon X and Y are Pokémon Amie, super training and new wireless connections. Pokémon Amie is a new style of interaction with your Pokémon. You are able to pet, feed, play games, and talk to your Pokémon to gain more love and friendship, a throwback to a Nintendogs style of play along with the ability to interact with your Pokémon.  Super training is a set of mini games that boosts the stats of Pokémon you play with. Finally, the wireless connection allows you to see the avatar of the people who are playing in your area and allows you to interact with others playing Pokémon X or Y.

Pokémon X and Y’s new features, Pokémon and style are a great way for old players to play the new generation with nostalgia and new players to have a first experience with past Pokémon. With great new features, Pokémon, and styles to try, you can have new experiences and have fun on your journey to catch them all.

By Alejandro Garcia

Photo courtesy of The Pokémon Company.