Metea Valley student newspaper ranked ‘All American’ by the National Scholastic Press Association


Metea Valley High School’s student-run newspaper, The Stampede, was designated an All-American publication by the National Scholastic Press Association on Oct. 29. All-American is the highest ranking for publications, requiring a high score as well as marks of distinction in at least four categories.

“I’m really happy with the results. Everyone on staff last year consistently worked hard and contributed a lot to each issue, and the score reflects our persistent efforts to keep improving,” said 2012-2013 Editor-in-Chief, Cara Hanson, who is now studying journalism and English at Ohio University.

NSPA evaluated The Stampede in five categories, ranging from reporting to design. The Stampede earned a mark of distinction in all five categories for what NSPA considers exemplary work. “This is a very strong publication, and you should be very proud of the work done by the students,” NSPA judge Don Krause said.

Staff adviser Adam Page said, “I think that [the ranking] is evidence of last year’s staff’s hard work and dedication.”

Metea Valley Principal Jim Schmid is proud of The Stampede’s work and recent recognition. “I think you try to investigate before you write. I like the fact that you’re not afraid to ask the tougher questions, yet at the same time you’re very fair about how you present the information, and you look for multiple people to try and get multiple perspectives. It’s always neat to see your kids do well,” Schmid said.

The Stampede is striving to maintain its growth, with half of its 25-member staff new this year. “I think we have a lot of fresh energy and perspectives, and I think this year will be even better than last. We know what it takes to be excellent, and this will encourage our staff to continue to reach ever-higher standards,” Page said.

The Stampede, first published in 2009 during Metea Valley’s inaugural year, is only in its fifth year of publication. “Even though it’s a relatively young newspaper and has a long way to go, The Stampede is on a great path,” Hanson said.

The Stampede is the official student-produced monthly publication of Metea Valley High School. It is an open forum that strives to inform, enlighten, and entertain the students of Metea Valley High School as well as faculty members, parents, community members, school administrators, and the general public through sound journalistic practices.

By Brooke Eber

Released October 31, 2013