Farewell Friday: Deepa Shankar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Farewell Friday: Deepa Shankar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


[quote]By Drew Danko
Graphic by Drew Danko[/quote]

Why did you decide to go to Illinois?

I really wanted a big school with a lively, but academic atmosphere that was also relatively cheap. U of I has a lot of opportunities to get involved with the things I like, and a lot of new people to get to know. It was far enough from home, but not too far. I also visited and liked the campus.

What are you studying?

I will be studying Molecular and Cellular biology on a premed track. I’m more of a people person, and I truly enjoy learning about bio and medicine in general. I’ve also wanted to be a doctor since I was little.

What are you looking forward to about going to Illinois?

I’m looking forward to being able to pursue my passions and getting involved in all things U of I. For me, college is largely about learning who you are as an individual and growing as a whole, and I believe that’s definitely something you can get at a big school, so I’m very excited to do that.

What do you plan to get involved with at Illinois?

I’m currently planning on doing student research, joining premed related clubs, their Hindu Student Organization, and possibly a debate/forensics team.

Are there any traditions you’re looking forward to partaking in at Illinois?

I’m excited to attend the football games with my friends.

What are you going to miss about Metea?

Most definitely the people and the overall atmosphere. Whether it be my friends, the people I see in the hallways, or the teachers, it was really the people that made these four years amazing. Metea has offered me so many great resources, and I’m not sure if I would be hall the person I am, had I gone to another school.