Student section brings excitement to first home football game


Photo by Ethan Meyers.

Even though the Varsity football team took a loss against Naperville Central this past Friday for their first home game, the student section still had its exciting energy as it always has.

“[The student section] definitely helps us out, keeps us focused, and gets us more energized throughout the game,” junior Tim Paulson said.

The crowds and amount of support from the students, teachers, and parents of Metea Valley have grown larger each year. The energy and positive vibes from the crowds have been remarkable to some.

“I think [the support has] been great. It’s gotten better every year. For our crowds, the first two games have been phenomenal,” Coach Ben Kleinhans said.

From Metea Valley to any other school in the DVC Conference, the student section will always be there to cheer on the team, even if students have to go the distance.

“[Away games are] a disadvantage for sure. Home games are just better for the football players,” Paulson said.

While the amount of home games and away games changing every year being unusual to those who do not play the sport, it is something that becomes natural to the football coaches and the players.

“Yeah, you wish you were [at] home more. To have to wait until the third week of the season to play your first home game seems like a long time,” Coach Kleinhans said.

“I think we get a great amount of support. All the people coming out [and] seeing us. Even [at] all those away games. So, I think it’s a lot. It really helps,” senior Matt Webb said.

From the tailgates before each of the home games to the game itself to the packed stands, the amount of noise and effort can become memorable to both the team and the audience.

“I wouldn’t ask for any better fans. The student section, the families, everybody. It’s great; I love it,” senior Michael Robinson said.