Metea hosts four authors at annual author fest


Photo by Brittany Coates.

Chesney Wargo

Metea hosted the recurring Author Fest last Friday in the library to expose students to new up and coming authors. Students had a positive reaction to the various authors that came to talk about their books and writing journeys.

Anderson’s Bookshop was responsible for making the panel of four authors available to students and faculty. “We thought that we had four solid author’s, and two were even debut authors. We are very fortunate,” librarian Debra Turner said. “It’s something that is very exciting, and it is exciting for me to be able to give kids the opportunity to meet and greet a new author.”

Authors of all different genres and backgrounds came to Metea to talk to english classes and students sharing their stories. Author Maggie Thrash shared her personal story and inspiration behind her book, “Honor Girl.” Similarly, author Kenneth Oppel went as far as reading excerpts from his book, “Every Hidden Thing.“

Young adult author Paula Gardner, promoting her book “Phantom Limbs,” took it upon herself connect with students on Twitter. Using the hashtag #mvauthorfest, students were able to have their questions answered for Gardner via Twitter.

Turner raved about author Traci Chee and her new book “The Reader.” “I think she has potential to be the next Mari Lu, so I’m really excited that we had her here,” Turner said.

“It’s a cool way to remind students that the books we have to read in English class aren’t the only books out there,” junior and AP English III student Nina Koeppen said

“A lot of the books we read are a part of curriculum and the authors are either not available, or let’s face it, they’re long gone. So this really gives students that connection to an author,” Turner added.

Students are already looking forward to the next author visits.“I thought all the authors’ stories were interesting; I’d definitely attend any future fests,” Koeppen said.