First semester ending early draws positive reception from students


Chesney Wargo

Starting this year, the first semester will be ending earlier than past years. No longer will students come back from winter break still in the first semester. Instead, finals will mark the end of the semester.

Overall, students seem optimistic and content with the new change. “It’s a positive thing. That week after break always went to waste because the final for the class was already done,” junior Matt Hummel said.

Students noticed that the week back from winter break is a confusing one. Some teachers start assigning second quarter activities, while others still take points for the first quarter. “In my experience, teachers usually don’t utilize that week for points. I don’t believe it’ll have that much effect,” Hummel said.

In past years, teens have struggled handling the anticipation of final grades. “This is going to be such a positive change, because it allows the semester grades to be final before winter break, and kids don’t have to stress about their grades changing after winter break,” junior Savannah White said.

Now that final exams are the last points to go into the gradebook, students look to change how they approach their tests. “I know that I don’t have a cushion after winter break, and I have to work extra hard all through December to keep my grades up to be able to perform my best,” White added.

“Having finals as the last day of the semester will definitely make me study more. I think everybody is going to want to do well on them so they can end with a good grade,” sophomore Connor Birch said.

Students also make note that schedules change when they return to school January 10, 2017.

“I don’t think too many people will notice [the change], but I think the effect will end up being to our benefit,” White said.