Humans of Metea: Abi Bradshaw


Zainie Qureshi

Abi Bradshaw is currently a sophomore who is involved in speech, theater, and choir. She has recently been an activist to end breast cancer.

What is Avon39?
Avon 39 is a 39 mile walk to end breast cancer. Each walker has to raise $1,800, and does their best to walk 39 miles over two days.

Why is the cause so important to you?
This is really important to me because I lost my grandma to breast cancer. She battled the disease for 14 years. I walk in honor of her.

When did you start walking, and when are the Avon39 walks?
I started training in August, but started my official training regimen this month. The Chicago walk is June 3 and 4 this year.

Is there any link that contains more information?
You can donate directly from my page:

How else can people contribute if they can’t donate?
You can also support me with prayers and encouragement, or joining me for a training walk. This is going to be a tough journey, so everything helps.