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Athletes plan to improve and demonstrate success during their upcoming spring seasons


As winter sports come to a close, many of the spring sports start their tryouts and seasons this week. Several athletes have been preparing for their spring seasons and tryouts through open gyms, travel teams, and off-season training.

“[Tryouts] might be a little nerve-wracking at times, but overall, I think it will be fun, and I’m excited to be trying out [for softball],” freshman Jenny Frantzen said.

The 2015-16 school year was the first year for Metea to move up to the DuPage Valley Conference, as many spring sports offered for athletes. Although the conference may be considered more difficult compared to the Upstate Eight, Metea’s conference from 2009 to 2015, several sports had very successful seasons for their first year in the DVC.

For example, the boys’ volleyball team competed in the DuPage Valley Conference for the first time, and varsity finished with a record of 9-2.The boys’ track team also had their first season in the DuPage Valley Conference last season and placed fifth for indoor track, sixth for outdoor track, and multiple individuals sent to the IHSA State Finals. The girls track team also sent many athletes to State, and placed third overall for the indoor DVC and fourth for the outdoor DVC.

The freshman girls soccer team beat rival Waubonsie, while the varsity team went 9-5-1 and made it to sectionals for the third consecutive year. The boys lacrosse team went 8-10, while the girls lacrosse team went 3-14. This helped build up an amazing program for years to come and the opportunity to combine with Waubonsie for the sport.

“Last season, we had a couple people go to State [for boys tennis]. I’ve seen how hard teammates have been training this offseason, so I expect that more will end up at State,” sophomore Saahil Sadhwani said.

The varsity boys tennis team had a successful season last year, ending the season with a record of 8-4. The boys baseball team had many personal successes, including a record of 22-13 and several astounding wins throughout the season, including a major 19-1 victory over Wheaton Warrenville South. The girls softball team also had remarkable wins, including its wins over Naperville North and Central during the season.

“It’s definitely a family ambiance. Normally, if we’re not playing, we’re right there on the sidelines cheering someone on,” Sadhwani added.

The girls badminton team also had a phenomenal season, with varsity placing third out of nine, freshman placing fifth out of nine for conference, and three members being sent to state. The varsity ultimate frisbee team took third place during the State competition and placed silver in the Silver Division and brought home its first trophy last spring.

The JV girls water polo team was able to defeat Naperville North for the first time in Metea history last season, and the varsity team finished with a record of 13-16. The varsity boys water polo team defeated the Neuqua Valley Wildcats at the Neuqua Valley Tournament last season, while achieving its foremost season record of 16-15-1.

Although the athletes and spring sport teams made Metea Valley proud last year, athletes and coaches plan to improve and prepare to grow in their successes while doing what they love to do best. Best of luck to all athletes during their tryouts and seasons and the spring sports teams this season as they continue to strive, improve, and prepare for their meets, games, conferences, and tournaments this year.

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Kellie Foy
Kellie Foy, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Kellie is a senior entering her third year of the Stampede. She is the Magazine Editor-in-Chief and has been a sports writer for the past two years. She also participates in National English Honor Society and Aspiring Authors and is a FreshConnect mentor. Outside her natural habitat of the newspaper room, she can be found at church working retreats, sleeping, petting every dog in site, or on Twitter (@kellie_foy).

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Athletes plan to improve and demonstrate success during their upcoming spring seasons