Senior Road Trip gives seniors a chance to create everlasting memories of their high school careers


This past Saturday, the class of 2017 attended Metea’s annual Senior Road Trip. As the evening progressed, there were multiple events, food, and other games spread throughout the health hallway, commons, and both gyms. The night concluded with one final event in the auditorium to keep the seniors busy. The Senior Road Trip is one of the few major end-of-year events for seniors as they prepare to say goodbye to the high school lifestyle before they graduate towards the end of May.

“I definitely think [the events] more than benefit the seniors because we get to get pumped up before the rest of the year gets hectic enough where we can’t hang out with friends, and it gives us time to hang out with friends and also gives us the freedom to just have a party without all the consequences that usually come with that,” senior Meghan King said.

As a result of the hard work the class of 2017 has put into the past four years of the students’ high school careers, the Senior Road Trip is more of a reward for their efforts and the legacy they are leaving behind for the future classes. With other events around the corner such as Prom, the seniors are willing to cherish what they have left of high school.

“Metea should continue to provide these events because it helps seniors get excited for the end of the year and it is [an] incentive that encourages seniors to push themselves academically and to strive for good and positive behavior,” senior Janne Brown said.

Many Metea parents put in an endless amount of effort to make this event different and just as surprising as previous years for the seniors as well as keeping it a secret for the Metea student body and community. The parents decorate the school completely to seem as if the seniors are exploring the United States, hence the “road trip” theme. Throughout the different activities provided by the parents, seniors were able to bond, reconnect, and share memories together one last time with friends and classmates.

“[These events] give us a way to relax and just hang out with the class we’ve been through four years of school with. I also feel like it gave me an insight into the lives of classmates that I’ve known of, but don’t know and I get to see where their future is leading them,” King added.