Readiness Days jump start the new year

Dr. Echols provided an enthusiastic welcome to a new school year during Metea Valley’s inaugural readiness days last week to prepare the entire student body for the 2017-18 school year. The days included tasks designed for the students to prepare for the upcoming year-which included the payment of any necessary class fees, the taking of ID and yearbook pictures, and students receiving their Chromebooks.

“Neuqua Valley tried this to try to eliminate some of the classroom interruptions with kids going down to pay fees,” principal Dr. Darrell Echols said.

There was no doubt that Echols not only knew the days would help students prepare for the upcoming year, but also give them the opportunity to complete the tasks all in under a few hours.

Although Echols is optimistic about the program, students have mixed reactions. Some students believed that it was an annoyance to have to come early in the morning while still on their break.

“It’s a little frustrating because I didn’t really want to come in before school started,” senior Jenny Couch said.

A lot of students also tended to find the order of tasks confusing. However, several parent and staff volunteers were present to assist the students in completing the entire process with signs placed to mark the number of each station.

While many other students shared mixed feelings, some of them agreed with Echols’ viewpoint. They also acknowledged the importance of conserving class time.

“It keeps everything organized for what you need to do to prepare for the year and what you need to sign up for,” sophomore Sharika Majeti said.

In addition to the annual Freshman Orientation held last Tuesday, the program also gave incoming freshmen an extra chance to acquaint themselves with the school. Specifically, they were able walk their schedules and practice opening lockers, which are pivotal for a successful first day.

“Freshmen have an opportunity to come here and check their lockers…and so they’re going to feel a lot more confident coming in on day one,” Echols said.