A new approach to defining education


Photo by Aimee Leal

Attending school for a greater half of one’s adolescence can begin to influence personal morals and values. Metea Valley’s AP III English teachers have begun to question the importance of a school instilling values upon students.

Class discussions have encouraged students to think deeply about the definition of education. Students have been asked what factors compile together to make an education, and what they believe a true education is.

Defining an education naturally consists of determining adequate life lessons and morals. As Metea has matured, so has the classroom environment. Throughout the eight years since Metea’s opening, the school has developed a few words to live by

Just this year, the mantra, “Everything Matters” was introduced. With other slogans such as, “Love Your People”,“Live the Metea Life” and “Go Go Mustangs”, Metea has put in effort to create a positive environment.

“I think that schools should try to invest a couple of core values such as being a decent human being and treating everyone with respect. However, a lot of the values should be decided by the students”, junior and AP III student Ben Malloy said.

Another defining point discussed in AP III, is when and where does education begin and end. With the mantras  instilled at Metea, students are expected to go out to the “real world” and continue to live the Metea life. Does that mean that our education should extend throughout students life within the “real world”?

“I think it is the student’s right to receive an education that will help them succeed with whatever they decide to do later in life,” junior and AP III student Cameron Mitsch stated.

Opening the discussion up for students who are not enrolled in the AP III English curriculum is just another step into the right direction of truly defining education and utilizing the life lessons that school supplies students with.

“To me, education is life. We should constantly be trying to better ourselves, and the best way to do that is through education” AP III English teacher Mrs. Cherne stated.