Snapchat Maps: Creepy or Convenient?


Graphic by Trinity Powell

As the latest Snapchat update takes over, most users are either weirded out or use it to their advantage. Many memes are taking over social media of friends getting food at a fast-food place. Another friend can see that on the Snapchat map, and text that friend to grab something for them while they are there.

The new Snapchat map not only gives one’s exact location at any given time, but also shows if a person is in a vehicle. This is very inconvenient if a friend sees his’ or her’s friends all in one car together and feels left out. Additionally, the Snapchat map could be potentially dangerous to the young users on this social media platform as their young minds might share their location with the wrong people. Sharing personal information like this may be an advantage to internet predators as they could build up a picture of where you go to school, and how you spend your free time.

“It is cool, but it is a type of stalking,” junior Vyshnavi Nukasani said.

In some ways, the update is an advantage for world news. Families that had relatives in Texas after Hurricane Harvey looked at the new feature for quick updates on news. With Snapchat, it is much easier to take a video, or snap a picture of your setting in that exact location, rather than a news reporter trying to get ahold of your surroundings.

Additionally, people in Texas that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey can easily see where people are trapped, and see any areas where power may have gone out. This is handy for when families need to see if their loved ones are safe around them.

The new Snapchat update has provided the world with exceptional resources, and this social media platform is growing into something that is life-changing. Although there are many benefits of this new feature, young people have to stay aware of the potential predators of the feature.

“The feature is cool, as long as there a purpose. It is a bit creepy because I don’t want someone to know where I live,” junior Saispurthi Palavalli stated.