Feminists vouch for social equality in both genders, but specifically females due to their prolonged oppression including underrepresentation in the media.

Women continue to tackle the oppression in media

Katrina Viloria, Perspectives Editor October 23, 2020

Think about the last time you watched a movie with a female lead, heard a female CEO of a huge company, or even a woman running for president. It is pretty rare and comes up once in a while, which...

Concerns over generalizations of students with IEP and 504 plans step up to the spotlight.

School district has a lack of representation for disabled members of the community

Ursula Sturgeon, Perspectives Reporter October 16, 2020

For the past few weeks or so now, I have found myself watching the District 204 School Board’s meetings on YouTube. For the most part, the meetings are quite standard: the board discusses financial plans...

District 204 is slowly bringing students back starting on Nov. 2 with the first half of the alphabet of juniors and seniors

Students divided over prospect of the return of sports

October 12, 2020

District 204 has been battling with the many opinions of going back to school versus staying remote. They recently released a statement offering a choice in either going back or staying, yet it still leaves...

‘Warrior Cats’, a 2003 book series, is often seen as cringy due to its young target audience, but in reality it has fans of all ages.

On fictional fighting felines, and the flaws of cringe culture

Ursula Sturgeon, Perspectives Reporter October 1, 2020

A couple years ago, I was in an animation class, working on projects that have ultimately been forgotten. While waiting for the computer to boot up, I pulled out a freshly-printed copy of River of Fire-...

Breonna Taylor was one of many victims from police brutality.

People are mad about Breonna Taylor not getting the justice she deserved

Jada Jones, Diversity Editor September 30, 2020

As a Black woman, I am furious about the decision made about Breonna Taylor’s death. The name Breonna Taylor has been said more than a million times, yet she still does not have the justice she deserves....

Trump is banning TikTok due to a rumor of private information being sent to China.

The motive behind Trump’s attitude towards Tik Tok

Pravalika Balajivaishnavi, Perspectives Reporter September 25, 2020

When many of us hear the name Trump, we think of many things ranging from COVID-19 to the upcoming elections. Right now, TikTok is one of the new subjects relating to Trump. Many Americans love the popular...

Students are now going back to school in remote learning at home.

The idea of going back to school has both its highs, lows, and optimism

Katrina Viloria, Perspectives Editor September 21, 2020

Nothing makes August more interesting than seeing Walmart or Target putting up ‘back to school’ supplies for sale. However, this year’s situation is shooting way past normality in both a positive...

A year in review: my junior year of high school

A year in review: my junior year of high school

Cache Merriweather May 21, 2020

My third year of high school was definitely something I would never have expected. Both my freshman and sophomore years seemed as if I was genuinely missing something. I wasn’t very excited about anything...

After months of being quarantine, the question of what happens after the pandemic has never been more poignant.

The lessons to learn from Covid-19

Marco Rivero May 21, 2020

It’s been 2 months since Governor JB Prtizker issued Executive Order 2020-11, establishing the state-wide stay at home order. Since the start of the pandemic, an economic crisis has destabilized the...

Quarantine has an array of positives amongst the negatives

Quarantine has an array of positives amongst the negatives

Brandt Ward April 16, 2020

The Coronavirus has been widespread throughout the U.S and other areas of the world. It has made us practice social distancing and affected the way that we live life. Some people have been predicting that...

The COVID-19 pandemic was always going to be a crisis. Our failed institutions have made it worse.

Coronavirus broke the country, and the Government is failing to fix it

Marco Rivero April 14, 2020

When the news first started reporting on a new strain of coronavirus found in Wuhan, China, it seemed like the same old fearmongering that had been seen countless years before. As more and more news came...

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