Ginsburg was the second woman to serve the US Supreme Court, the first Jewish woman to become an associate of justice, she is known as a phenonomenal role model, she passed away on Sept. 18.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy and what is next for the U.S. Supreme Court

Pravalika Balajivaishnavi and Bela Sanchez October 1, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, often referred to as RBG, was nominated to be the associate justice by President Clinton in 1993. Ginsburg was the second woman to serve the US Supreme Court and the first Jewish woman...

As the SAT approaches, students are cramming in last minute study sessions and practice tests.

Communication surrounding the SAT and college applications leaves seniors feeling unprepared

Emily Veenstra September 18, 2020

As college applications open, seniors are rushing to complete their SATs in time. After the school-administered SAT was canceled last March, the district informed seniors on September 4 that they will...

Students and staff remain cautious when leaving and entering the building.

Metea Valley proceeds to take safety precautions for students and staff in the building

Cache Merriweather and Mishal Nizar September 18, 2020

This year has seen a significant amount of changes in the way the world works. One of these being an introduction to a new way of schooling. Athletes and clubs are also having meetings on Zoom and practices...

Students spend more time socializing through their phones rather than communicating in person.

Social life of teens affected by the pandemic

Madison Moon, September 10, 2020

Throughout history pandemics have caused a plague of negative impacts and challenges.  COVID-19 is in the media daily with its impacts on physical health, loss of life, and even the financial ruin that...

COVID-19 continues to interfere with learning patterns as students return to the new school year.

Inconsistencies with education continues in a global pandemic

Since March, the Mustangs have been taking on more responsibilities at home. They have been occupied with watching their siblings, cooking for their families, and keeping up with online courses. With school...

The different perspectives, reactions, and lifestyle changes in response to the pandemic

Students respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Schools switched to online as the entire United States issued a stay at home order on March 13. Quarantine gave students increased free time but restrained how it could be used due to the reduced access...

Many students are left wondering about their future as covid fears set in.

The existential crisis of choosing a college during a worldwide pandemic

Marco Rivero May 1, 2020

During the start of second semester, if anyone had said that a global pandemic would soon not only destabilize the national economy, but force millions of Americans indoors for potentially half a year,...

Students are now using the internet and social media in creative ways to get information and stay connected.

Quarantine has impacted the way students use social media

April 22, 2020

As people are adapting to quarantine life, the use of social media has become of even greater importance. Students and teachers can utilize social networks to communicate and stay in touch with news and...

Soccer nets and basketball hoops are reappearing as people suddenly find themselves with more down time.

Social distancing has slowed down life, redefining normal

Myra Bajwa April 21, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has changed the way the world operates, at least for the time being. Families are spending more time indoors, surrounded by each other. Gone are the busy days packed with sports...

Homework gets a new meaning with the e-learning system

Changes in learning and testing shift to a new normal

Leland Pan and Jessica Velazquez April 9, 2020

With the comfort of working in pajamas, students are gaining momentum in remote learning. Students have had to adapt to these new changes and make new routines to make sure their assignments are completed. “I...

After a long struggle with identity, the Boy Scouts declare bankruptcy

After a long struggle with identity, the Boy Scouts declare bankruptcy

Claire Baffes April 8, 2020

The Boy Scouts of America filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Feb. 8 after facing numerous lawsuits from former members. This has been a long time coming, with membership numbers sinking and general support...

#79 skates down to take a photo for senior night

Cancelation of school activities and events have affected the future plans of students

Cache Merriweather and Paige Friedlander March 19, 2020

Along with the closure of school, there will be no extracurricular activities, athletics, or events at Metea until further notice. These cancelations come at a critical time for most students. Events such...

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