Brittany and Maddie take on: Massacre Haunted House

With “Basement of the Dead” already under our belts, we thought it would be a great idea to go to yet another haunted house and review it. Last weekend we visited the terrifying “Massacre Haunted House.”

How was the wait?

Maddie: It was roughly an hour and a half wait, which wasn’t too bad because the haunted house itself was about thirty minutes long. The wait was completely inside and when it’s cold and rainy out that’s great, but because there were so many people crowded into a relatively small area it became hot and stuffy really fast. It was virtually pitch black in the waiting area with the exception of some fun lights to go along with the DJ. The only con I have about the wait was the terrible heat while waiting, but other than that it was definitely worth it.

Brittany: The wait was divided. There were two lines: the line for buying the tickets and the line for going into the haunted house. The line for buying the tickets wasn’t that bad actually it was pretty cool because there were people there scaring us most of the time. Then when we entered the second waiting area it became a really long wait. We waited around an hour and thirty minutes which I did not like at all.

How was it different than “Basement of the Dead” or other haunted houses?

Maddie: “Basement of the Dead” had two parts while “Massacre” had three. “Massacre” included the 3D neon haunted house like “Basement of the Dead” but also included a third haunted house called Terror Town. When we gave the lady our glasses and she said “Welcome to Terror Town,” we were all surprised to find out there was still more. “Massacre” had a lot more animatronics, which I thought was really elaborate and a great addition because everything seemed so lifelike.

Brittany: I think that “Basement of the Dead” was not nearly as scary as “Massacre”. In “Massacre”, I was scared the whole time. They just had so much more to be scared of. Things were popping out of everywhere and it was insane. Also in “Massacre”, the lady inside told us that there was a third part and I thought to myself, “Are you serious?” It was so scary I wanted it to be over.

What was your favorite part?

Maddie: Honestly, it was probably Brittany crawling on the floor or running the opposite way because she got so scared. It was really funny. My favorite part of the house, however,  was probably the two doll rooms because in the one, it had all these strobe lights go off and then one of the dolls gets thrown toward you, and in the other room, let’s just say that not all the dolls were plastic and that was a big shock.

Brittany: There was a little Christmas section which was my favorite part just because I love Christmas. When we walked into the room my friend turned to me and goes “Merry Christmas,” and as soon as she said that, something really scary happened that I don’t want to spoil.

How scary was it?

Maddie: I was the very last person in the group so again I stayed in the back and was the last to see the “scary things,” and by the time I saw it I was already laughing at my friends being scared out of their minds. The scariest part for me was this giant train that lit up and blared its horn; I wasn’t expecting it at all and it startled me. I would definitely say that “Massacre” was way scarier than “Basement of the Dead”, but I personally was not scared.

Brittany: I thought “Basement of the Dead” was scary but “Massacre” has it beat by miles. I went into this knowing it was going to be scary but I wasn’t expecting it to be that scary. But it was very scary and I almost cried and passed out, but I didn’t so it’s okay!

For more information visit Massacre’s website.